Copier Jams

 Copier jamsDo you have frequent Copier Jams ?

Is pulling paper jams out of your copier, fax or MFC a constant issue ? Sometimes this can be caused simply by low quality paper, or damp paper. Copy paper needs to be stored in a dry environment. Copier equipment also has feed tires, clutches and other mechanical components that sometimes fail, wear out or simply need adjustment. These issues can cause copier jams. Just like your car a copier, fax or MFC needs maintenance. With the proper maintenance you can eliminate or reduce the copier jams that you may be currently experiencing. No one likes copier jams.

So what can I do about my Copier that Jams constantly ?

  • Make sure that you are using a good quality paper
  • Insure that you are storing the paper properly
  • Fan the paper before inserting it into the machine

If these tips do not remedy your copier jams, give us a call.


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