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Brooklyn Copier Repair –

I have worked with Tri Borough Business products since they started. Paul the owner always takes the time to help me with any of my crazy problems. I have purchased a copier and fax machines from Paul that are still working after many years of service. He always works with me to give me the best service advice and always tries to save me money. I liked giving my business to a local copier repair company. I have since moved away from the area and I still get my supplies from Paul and Tri Borough Business products. They are honest and well trained in what they do. Give them a try.

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Tri Borough Business Products, Inc. Serving Brooklyn with Copier Repair Since 1988


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    Great information about copiers.Thanks for provided services to repair copier.It would be beneficial if we buy copiers online.What is the first thing which we have to know about copiers before buying it online?

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    Thank you for the information.I would definitely consider it, next time when I will face any problem with my copier.